Unlocking Potential Through Curiosity with TomboyX’s Fran Dunaway

Episode 206

Fran Dunaway

Co-Founder & President TomboyX

Adam Bryant, author of the bestselling book, Corner Office, asked over 700 CEOs, “What qualities do you see most often in those who succeed?”. The number one answer: Curiosity.

Most of the ingenious inventions and extraordinary ideas throughout history all have something in common. From Thomas Edison’s light bulb, Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone to self-driving cars, they are all a result of curiosity.

Meet our guest and Forbes 50 over 50 winner, Fran Dunaway, who is the co-founder of TomboyX, a gender-neutral underwear and apparel brand.

TomboyX started as a passion project in collaboration with her wife and co-founder Naomi Gonzalez to create the perfect button-up shirt, but then pivoted to focus on underwear based on the overwhelming demand for their first boxer brief for women.

Under Fran’s leadership, TomboyX doubled in YoY growth and was recognized on Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies for 4 consecutive years.

In this episode, Fran shares how she followed her curiosity to entrepreneurial success; what techniques have helped her navigate risk and uncertainty; and why it’s important for brands to be a force for positive change and inspire conversation about gender, confidence, acceptance, and inclusion.

“When something goes right or the day is saved, remember that it is because of all of the things that you do that open yourself up to those magical moments.”

Fran Dunaway