Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities with Nikki Barua

Episode 2

Nikki Barua

Serial Entrepreneur, International Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author & Lead of Beyond Barriers


Have you ever wondered how to turn your obstacles into opportunities? In this episode, we talk about breaking through your barriers and owning your power. Serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, influencer, and international keynote speaker, Nikki Barua joins the show.

Nikki came to America as an immigrant from India. She worked hard, learned the best strategies, and the right habits. She climbed to the top of the corporate ladder, quit her job, and started her own business. After facing numerous rejections and failures, she overcame the barriers and built up a multi-million-dollar business. Her journey taught her that obstacles give us the opportunity to level-up and get stronger and bolder.

How do you get the courage to make big moves? Nikki says we must have clarity about what we want and why we want it. That’s what helps us take consistent action and then success becomes inevitable. Do not lose focus – it takes a lot of discipline and the right kind of mindset. Look at your failures as feedback. Keep trying new things until you figure out what works.

Entrepreneurship isn’t about building a business; it’s a journey about self-awareness. You discover what you are truly made of and what’s holding you back. Ultimately, you learn how to become the best version of yourself.

The three big lessons Nikki learned in her entrepreneurial journey:
1. Focus. It all comes down to focusing on the right thing.
2. Leverage. It’s hard to gain momentum without leverage.
3. Execution. It’s about taking massive and consistent action.

Stay tuned to hear Nikki speak about her habits for success, the most significant technology trends, and the top business skills that are growing in demand. Plus, Nikki reveals three things that have helped her succeed and what she’s looking forward to in her career.

“Our obstacles are the opportunity. Every time we face an obstacle, it’s an opportunity for us to level up and get even stronger, even bolder, and even more of the best versions of ourselves.”

Nikki Barua