Transforming Communities with Trailblazer Inc.’s Dr. Deidre Anderson

Episode 188

Dr. Deidre Anderson

Founder & President, Trailblazers, Inc.

Do you ever feel isolated at work, despite being surrounded by people? If so, then it might not surprise you to know that according to a Gallup poll, only 36% of U.S employees are engaged in their work and workplace.

Our guest, Dr. Deidre Anderson, Founder & President of Trailblazers, Inc., shares her story of climbing the corporate ladder while realizing that there was a big problem with workplace communities. Dr. D shares how the key to transformation comes from creating an environment that fosters ABC – authenticity, boldness and contribution. And how her mission became to help individuals and organizations develop vibrant workplace communities.

Dr. D is also the founder and executive director of Women Empowered, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women become the best leaders that they can be. Each year, she compels women to become strong leaders through a training program and retreat that will help them to identify their goals and the strategies necessary to accomplish them. 

In this episode, Dr. D shares how she cultivated her superpower, techniques to overcoming limiting beliefs, and why reflection is so important.

“When you create an environment where everybody takes responsibility for fostering authenticity, boldness and contribution, that's the key to transformation.”

Dr. Deidre Anderson