Thriving in the Face of Life’s Challenges with Wendy Berger, CEO and Founder of WBS Equities, LLC

Wendy Berger is a serial entrepreneur. For reasons she can’t even explain, Wendy grew up wanting to be president of a bank. Her journey has led her down the path to where she finds herself today as CEO and Founder of WBS Equities, LLC. Wendy used to always focus on the end result, but now she enjoys the journey. She learned this in part from the traumatic losses of her brother and then her husband three years later. Wendy didn’t allow the tragedy of their deaths to go in vain, instead she learned and developed the strength and tools for the successes she acquired to date.

In this episode, Wendy also shares with us her ideas around “big thinking” and the courage it takes to make significant moves in life and business. She’s a curious businesswoman who now focuses on real estate and the cannabis industry, for which she serves on an executive board. And, if that isn’t impressive enough, she is an avid athlete who has completed 38 triathlons! Take a few minutes to tune in  and learn the tips and tools Wendy regularly shares with her many mentees.