The State Of Women With Anu Bhardwaj

Episode 15

Anu Bhardwaj

Founder | Women Investing in Women Digital

What if your dreams are way bigger than your reality? Who would you ask for help? How would you find the courage and confidence to take action?

Anu Bhardwaj, serial entrepreneur and investor, shares her journey of struggling financially, being nobody and knowing no one, to building a global movement championing economic empowerment for women worldwide.

Anu is the founder of Women INVESTING in Women DIGITAL, the world’s largest digital media platform focused on Women & Investing with over 1,000,000+ followers across 120 countries. She is also founder of the State of Women Radio Network that shares stories of role models, thought leaders and changemakers with a mission to make an impact on the state of women everywhere. In this episode, Anu takes us through her journey and how she discovered her why and defined her path. She is candid about the obstacles she faced, why she is unapologetically authentic, and how her tenacity and optimism have helped her overcome barriers. She lives her life outside the box and in pursuit of a really big mission. She shares why it’s so important for women to have equal opportunity and access to education, and positions of power and influence.

“My Why is ultimately paving the way for girls who did not have the opportunity and I think it’s our duty and our obligation to help.”

Anu Bhardwaj