The Joy Is in the Journey With Belgian Boys CEO Anouck Gotlib

Episode #208

Anouck Gotlib

CEO of Belgian Boys

What would happen if you let go of control and embrace life no matter what comes your way? Serendipitous moments have the power to shape your destiny. 

Meet Anouck Gotlib, CEO of Belgian Boys, who shares how a fortuitous seating arrangement on a plane ride from Belgium to New York led to meeting her husband, building a multi-million dollar company, and becoming the proud mama of two adorable boys.

Anouck was born in Belgium, studied Fashion Design and then worked at fashion houses in NYC. After meeting Greg, she stepped away from fashion and stepped into entrepreneurship full time.

Today, Anouck leads a passionate team dedicated to creating joy for customers and spreading sweetness in people's lives. Her leadership has fueled the exponential growth of the company, brought in high-profile investors, and gained recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies on the Inc 5000 list.

 Anouck is on a mission to turn up the happy - one sweet moment at a time. Belgian Boys is in the business of fun, offering a delicious assortment of breakfast, sweet treats, and desserts available in 5000 stores and online. Anouck believes that the key to joy is to embrace the journey and trust the timing of your life knowing that the universe has your back. 


"Mindfulness changed my life. It is something I embrace. It is something I bring into my every day.”

Anouck Gotlib