Taking Risks & Changing Lanes With Elizabeth Shaw

Episode 36

Elizabeth Shaw

Strategist & Thought Leader

Have you ever been stuck in the slow lane but didn’t know how to get ahead? Our guest is C-suite advisor, Elizabeth Shaw, who shares how taking risks and changing lanes helped her build her career.

Elizabeth Shaw is an industry thought leader and expert in marketing innovation. She brings over 20 years of experience at leading companies including Sephora, Forrester, Gartner, Cisco & Omnicom. Elizabeth is an advisor to Fortune 500 corporate leaders and guides them on how to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of business and marketing.

In this episode, Elizabeth shares her perspective on what her successes and failures have taught her, how to step into your personal power, and why human connection is the key to success in the digital age.

“You take a big hairy problem, and you start to break it down in parts. And once you start to attack the parts, then you get momentum to get to where you want to go.” –

Elizabeth Shaw