Succeeding In The First 90 Days With Kameka Dempsey

Episode 05

Kameka Dempsey

Founder | KD Leadership Strategies

Kameka Dempsey partners with business leaders to deliver their business strategy through coaching, off-sites, team/individual development and assessments. She also currently serves as a Strategic Advisor, Facilitator and Executive Coach at BlackRock. Prior to starting her firm, she was Vice President Global Talent Management at BlackRock.

Kameka says that mentorship has been critical in her career. Her mentors have given her critical feedback that assisted her in climbing the corporate ladder. The best advice, in particular, was that you could have it all, you can’t have it all at the same time.

When joining a new role, Kameka says to spend the first ninety days doing a listening tour. Who should you be talking to in order to understand the organization? It takes between ninety and one-hundred days to do it well. A manager can help you lay the foundation.

Women do not think about the importance of strategic networking. Anytime that Kameka has had a misstep – she was able to course-correct via someone in her network. There should be people you know in your organization that you can go to. Often, women are not getting good feedback, that’s why networking and mentorship is so critical.

Stay tuned while Kameka explains how to balance personal and professional goals, ways to leverage your network, and how women can stay ahead, given the future of work.

“Make sure it’s the kind of environment that’s going to enable you to be successful.”

Kameka Dempsey