Seizing Opportunity with CWT’s Michelle Frymire

Episode 171

Michelle Frymire

Chief Executive Officer, CWT

“Doubt kills more dreams that failure ever will” ~ Suzy Kassem

When an opportunity presents itself, do you feel a spark of excitement at first and then begin to realize the challenges that may come with it? Suddenly self-doubt creeps in and stops you from taking action.

Our guest, Michelle Frymire, Chief Executive Officer of CWT, shares how taking on challenges and leaning into those tough assignments early in her career set the stage for her to advance. She has been guided by the motto: “it's not that we fall down, it's that we get back up”. 

Michelle Frymire is a senior executive with 30 years of experience in driving growth and transformation at both public and private companies worldwide. Michelle’s career reflects a demonstrated track record as a catalyst to successful execution of transformation, large scale growth - both organic and through M&A, the transition from private to public company through an IPO, and as a leader of successful transformation initiatives. Most notably, her experience in finance and strategy, and serving as a key strategic partner to boards and executive teams, combined with strong leadership and team building skills, has prepared organizations to make a global impact.

In this episode, Michelle shares her story of rising to the top, how the best way to check all the boxes for a role is to accept the opportunity and learn in the role, and how success in scaling is directly correlated to an amazing team and great culture.

“Don't be afraid to seize an opportunity.”

Michelle Frymire