Secrets To Getting A Seat At The Table With Minda Harts

Episode 47

Minda Harts

Founder & CEO | The Memo

Have you ever experienced a situation where you got invited to a party and with anxious excitement you dress to impress only to walk in and find everyone wearing their favorite superhero costume? Leaving you wondering…wait….how did I NOT get THAT Memo!? Well, in this episode, we get to know Minda Harts, author of the best-selling book, The Memo, where she shares actionable advice on challenges, from microaggressions to building your network of supporters.

Minda is an Assistant Professor at NYU Wagner. She has been featured on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, FastCompany, The Guardian, and Time Magazine. She also hosts a weekly podcast called Secure The Seat.

In this episode, Minda shares how she found the courage to write this book and share vulnerable authentic stories of what it’s like to advance your career in light of the inequality and outright discrimination many women of color experience in the workplace.


“Lean into your courage and push aside your caution because we will never know if we don’t ask.”

Minda Harts