Removing Roadblocks Through Creative Expression with SketchPoetic’s Sheila Darcey

Episode 207

Sheila Darcey

Founder, SketchPoetic

At some point in our lives, we have all engaged in creative activities simply for casual enjoyment or as a hobby. From painting to writing to cooking or singing, there are many ways that creativity plays a part in our daily lives.

But creative expression is far more than a hobby or a vocation. Throughout history, creativity has played a role in many aspects of human life. From technological advancements to mental health and well-being, creative expression can unlock the roadblocks and barriers and fuel innovation and success. 

Meet our podcast guest and my good friend, Sheila Darcey, who is the founder of SketchPoetic - a creative expression practice for emotional healing and transformation. Sheila’s purpose is to elevate art as a tool for healing and be a catalyst to transform lives.

Sheila is an innovator who has been instrumental in shaping the culture and diversity of companies and is a strong advocate for women's leadership and empowerment across organizations.

In this episode, Sheila shares what led her to become a health and wellness advocate, why daily self-care is so important, and how creative expression can help you remove roadblocks and unlock your transformation. 

“There’s an inner peace and calmness that regulates your body when you’re doing the things you want to do.”

sheila Darcey