Redefining Success with Christy Rutherford

Episode 70

Christy Rutherford

Founder & CEO | Vision Finder International

How do you define success? Are you accepting someone else’s definition or are you deciding what success is for yourself?

In this episode, 5 Times Best Selling Author, Christy Rutherford, shares her journey to high levels of success, but also highlights what she gave up along the way. In the last few years of her career, she realized she was digging an early grave and courageously discloses her breaking point and how she left a 6-figure career for freedom. Christy shares insights on the common experiences high performing women experience and also the things they give up to achieve success.

“People tend to think they need the money. But if your mind is not properly structured and healed, you’re not going to get the money because it’s so much strain. Seek the mindset first, the money will come after.”

Christy Rutherford