Raising Your Hand and Finding Your Place with Jenna Arnold

Episode 54

Jenna Arnold

Author | Raising Our Hands

Did you know that white women are one of the most influential demographics in America? They are the largest voting bloc, with purchasing power that exceeds any other demographic, and when they unify to demand change, they are a force to be reckoned with. Yet, so many sit idly on the sidelines, opting out of raising their hands to do, learn, and engage in ways that could make a difference. Why?

In this episode, Jenna Arnold, the national organizer for the historic 2017 Women’s March, and author of, Raising Our Hands, shares the research and insights she gathered over the past few years criss-crossing the US in conversations with white women about their identity and role in the country. Jenna peels back the history that’s been kept out of textbooks and the cultural norms that are holding them back, so white women can finally start really listening to marginalized voices and doing their part to promote progress. Raising Our Hands is Jenna’s call to action for white women to stop avoiding the hard conversations, start accepting responsibility and find a place on the new frontlines.

“The lesson I’ve learned on my journey is that you need to go now, speak now, tell them the idea right now, launch that idea right now.”

Jenna Arnold