Raising Your Game With Goldman Sachs’ Gizelle George-Joseph

Episode 158

Gizelle George-Joseph

Chief Operating Officer of Global Investment Research, Goldman Sachs

Do you think of your career as a sprint or a marathon? Our guest, Gizelle George-Joseph, shares why it is actually both and why regardless of what phase of the race you are in, to raise your game, you need to consistently be focused on building your skillset and competencies.

In this episode, Gizelle George-Joseph, Managing Director and Global Chief Operating Officer of the Global Investment Research Division at Goldman Sachs, also shares her career journey, the importance of building your community of truth-tellers, and why hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Gizelle is global chief operating officer of the Global Investment Research (GIR) Division. In this role, she works closely with divisional leadership on the management of GIR, as well as the development and execution of key strategic initiatives. 

“Surround yourself with people who are going to tell you the truth about your weaknesses and strengths. And not tell you what to do, but instead feed into your decision making process.”

Gizelle George-Joseph