Pursuing Your Dreams With Investor Petra Griffith

Episode 102

Petra Griffith

Founder & Managing Director | Wedbush Ventures

Do you have a goal or lifelong dream that you’ve never shared with anyone because you are afraid of being judged? Do you worry about not knowing enough or not having the right skills or perhaps questioning whether it’s the right time?

In this episode, we’re speaking with Petra Griffith, Tech Executive and Investor, who says if you want to pursue your dream, you have to start by vocalizing it.

Petra Griffith launched Wedbush Ventures to foster the next generation of technology companies solving big market problems. Having built many firsts -the first online printing software, first fitness wearable, first native ads -and even having ushered a bank into the age of technology, Petra truly understands the mindset necessary to achieve product market fit. Her leadership roles at organizations such as Netflix, Yahoo!, and 24 Hour Fitness makes Petra a coveted ally to entrepreneurs ready to scale innovation.

“It's critical to take the time to figure out what your superpower is and what is the right environment for you to be successful.”

Petra Griffith