Paving The Way For Others with 5F World’s Dr. Ganesh Natarajan & Dr. Uma Ganesh

Episode 199

Dr. Ganesh Natarajan & Dr. Uma Ganesh

Co-Founders, 5F World

Robin Sharma once said, “Success is not a function of the size of your title but the richness of your contribution.” It's about impact, influence and inspiration. Our guests are a perfect example of the power of sincere and selfless contribution and how it fosters true fulfillment.

Meet Dr. Ganesh Natarajan & Dr. Uma Ganesh, Co-Founders of 5F World, who share their career journeys and how their shared values of working for the good of the community and their country has inspired them to create impact and opportunity using their 5F framework – Fast, Focused, Flexible, Friendly and Fun.

Dr. Ganesh Natarajan is the Executive Chairman of 5F World, a platform for Digital Start-ups, Skills and Social Ventures. He is also Chairman of Honeywell Automation India Limited and Lighthouse Communities Foundation and a Board member of the State Bank of India, Hinduja Global Solutions, Global Talent Track, Educate Girls and the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network. Ganesh is a Distinguished Alumnus of IIT Bombay and NITIE.

Dr. Uma Ganesh is the co-founder of 5F World and founder of multiple companies including Global Talent Track focused on skills development for the digital era, Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, Kalzoom Advisors and Skills Alpha – the digital platform for talent development.

In this episode, Uma & Ganesh share their vision, the foundational pillars of their partnership, why learning should be a collective collaboration, and how leaders should view talent differently for the future.

“For every negative event that takes you away from your path, I’ve always found that there are five helping hands there to support me.

Dr. Uma Ganesh