Owning Your Story with The Latinista Founder, Yai Vargas

Episode 66

Yai Vargas

Founder | The Latinista

If I were to go online and review your professional profile, right now, would I be able to understand who you are beyond your “JOB”. Would I know your brand, your values and your story?

In this episode, you will meet Yai Vargas – who is the founder of The Latinista, a national network for Latinas and women of color invested in professional development and career mobility. She’s also been called THE LinkedIn Ninja and hosts workshops to help individuals harness the power of the platform.

Yai is also a career & diversity strategist where she helps organizations develop engaging programming focused on career and leadership development. With a background in multicultural marketing and communications, Yai is a natural-born community builder and an expert networker.

“Ask yourself what you can offer someone, whether it is a connection for a better job opportunity, a PowerPoint, or helping them with speaking in public.”

Yai Vargas