Overcoming All Odds With Scribe Media CEO JT McCormick (Part 2)

Episode 52

JT McCormick

President & CEO | Scribe Media

Have you ever hoped for your dreams to come true or wished that you were luckier in life?

Well, if you want to succeed, then you must eliminate the words “hope,” “luck,” and “wish” from your vocabulary. That’s the message from JT McCormick whose inspiring story will convince you to follow his sage advice.

In part two of this episode special, JT shares his leadership principles, his core values and his belief that no obstacle is too difficult to conquer, and that the game can be won by anyone from anywhere. Against all odds, JT overcame racism, poverty and abuse to achieve the American Dream, becoming a very successful businessman leading multimillion-dollar companies.

“I have five pillars that I live by: God, health, family, business and investing. If it doesn’t fall within those five pillars, I don’t do it.”

JT McCormick