Overcoming All Odds With Scribe Media CEO JT McCormick (Part 1)

Episode 51

JT McCormick

President & CEO | Scribe Media

Have you ever hoped for your dreams to come true or wished that you were luckier in life?

Well, if you want to succeed, then you must eliminate the words “hope,” “luck,” and “wish” from your vocabulary. That’s the message from JT McCormick whose inspiring story will convince you to follow his sage advice.

JT was born the mixed-race son of a drug-dealing pimp father and a struggling single mother. He was raised in the slums of Dayton, Ohio. He suffered incredible abuse and racism, and had multiple stints in the juvenile justice system. He barely graduated high school and has no college degree. No one expected him to succeed.

Against all odds, JT overcame racism, poverty and abuse to achieve the American Dream becoming a very successful businessman leading multimillion-dollar companies.

“Don’t focus on your weaknesses, focus on your strengths. If you double-down on your strengths, you can be impeccable. ”

JT McCormick