Navigating Risk And Uncertainty

Episode # 10

Nikki Barua & Monica Marquez

Have you ever worried about getting left behind?  Well, on this show, you’ll learn the 5 essential elements of conviction so that you can achieve your goals and get ahead of disruptive change.

According to a report by the World Economic Forum (2019), about 42% of core skills required to perform most roles will change in 3 years. With the rapid pace of automation and innovation, the average life span of skills is about 18 months before becoming obsolete.

As disruption accelerates and the workplace evolves, your ability to learn quickly becomes your core skill. If you anticipate challenges, learn new skills, and pivot faster, you will eventually overcome every obstacle and get ahead of disruption. Conviction empowers you to achieve your goals, no matter what happens because you have the skillset, mindset and toolset to get ahead of change.

“When everything is changing, your superpower becomes your ability to learn faster than the pace of change.”

Nikki Barua