Making Bold Moves and Learning from Your Mistakes with Publicis Sapient’s Alyssa Altman

Episode 225

Alyssa Altman

North American Head of Transportation & Mobility, Retail & Consumer Products, Publicis Sapient

As a woman in leadership today, taking unconventional paths leads to more success. This means facing that challenge at work that everyone else is avoiding or putting yourself out on the line to make a tough decision. As a Senior Vice President at Publicis Sapient, Alyssa Altman leads the Automotive and Consumer Products industry in North America. She knows firsthand about shaping her company’s leadership. One way she’s done this is through a program called the Fellowship in Transformation Leadership which is an MBA-like series that is helping to mold Publicis Sapient’s next generation of managers.

Alyssa shares with us today how she builds solid teams that work together to accomplish their goals. She also talks about the importance of providing value to clients and always doing great work while still managing your career. She’s familiar with being the sole female leader in an organization and has many times had to find the courage to have that difficult conversation. Alyssa believes in learning from failure. She also believes in being authentic and looks for that quality in the people she hires. In addition, she looks for employees who aren’t afraid to make bold moves. Learn from Alyssa’s experiences and how she gained confidence as an impactful leader.

“As a leader, you need to find ways for people to feel like they're winning, even if you have a failure.

Alyssa Altman