Living your Passion, Potential, and Purpose with Robyn Streisand

Episode 164

Robyn Streisand

CEO & Founder, The Mixx & Titanium Worldwide

We’ve all heard the saying “you only live once” or YOLO in our world of text abbreviated acronyms. Most give it the meaning of “make the most out of the days you have”. Some, take it to mean, “do the things you find enjoyable or exciting”. But a few, like our guest, take it to the next level by using it as a catalyst for inspiration and the motivation to take on any challenge that comes their way.

Meet Robyn Streisand, CEO & Founder of The Mixx & Titanium Worldwide, who left her corporate job to pursue her mission of creating something for the greater good. Not wanting any regrets or any would have, could have, should haves, Robyn launched her entrepreneurial career and has never looked back. Today, Robyn is now one of the most successful leaders in her industry as she celebrates 25 years of guiding The Mixx agency. As a community builder, Robyn was determined to open doors for others, so she launched Titanium Worldwide, the world’s first collective of certified-diverse agencies in the marketing, media, and communications space.

In this episode, Robyn shares her inspiration for entrepreneurship, why we shouldn’t deny ourselves the once in a lifetime chance of bringing our gifts to the market, and how building the right company culture isn’t something you can buy.

Robyn is a recognized figure in the LGBT community, featured in Out Magazine as most influential OUT 100 people in the United States. Her commitment to working with diverse-owned businesses has always been a point of passion, where she continues to focus on leveraging the business potential of independent, diverse companies.

“You have just one life and you don’t want to have those would have, could have, should have regrets.” –

Robyn Streisand