Leverage The Power Of Your Community

If you are looking for new career opportunities, then applying for a job online and hoping you get it is not an effective strategy. Regardless of your talent and experience, it’s impossible for hiring managers to spot you in a pool of thousands of candidates. That’s why relationship-based referrals account for 70% of all hires made by employers. Instead of looking for a job, focus on leveraging the power and advocacy of your community.

Community is about belonging and empowerment. Having an engaged community provides access to resources and opportunities that you may not be aware of otherwise. An influential tribe is key to learning, growing, and leveling up together. Successful careers are built on continually growing networks with strong and lasting relationships.

In this episode, you’ll learn the 5 essential elements of community so that you can build your tribe and gain their support for your success. You’ll learn how to gain proximity to influential people and networks, how to build a peer group at the next level to help you grow, and how to seek feedback from your community.