Letting Good Work Happen With Lee Ann Daly

Episode 91

Lee Ann Daly

Strategic Advisor | Chief Marketing Officer | Board Director

Have you ever wondered why some organizations come up with game changing ideas while others struggle? What can leaders do to ignite creativity and spur innovation? What does it take to push for change and stand up for what you believe in?

Our guest is award-winning leader and Chief Marketing Officer Lee Ann Daly, who shares how to build great teams and let good work happen. Throughout her career, Lee Ann has been a pioneer, who is not afraid to break rules or take risks. She is a passionate advocate for bold new ideas that excite people and keep brands relevant.

Lee Ann has been a C-suite leader at public and private companies since 1998–including being CMO at ESPN, Thomson Reuters, Game Show Network. Lee Ann has won wide industry recognition from Cannes Lions to being named Top Female Sports Business Executive by Sports Business Journal. Lee Ann is also an investor and advisor to early stage companies and Board director of the EO Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and The Dean’s Advisory Board at IU’s Media School.

“Bring your authentic, separate self to work because it's the only way you'll figure out who you want to become inside the context of business.”

Lee Ann Daly