Learning to Pay Yourself First With Stephanie Groschup

Episode 73

Stephanie Groschup

Managing Partner | GM Wealth Group

When it comes to your finances, are you someone who is diligent, saves wisely, and knows where every penny you’ve earned goes? Or are you more carefree and you plan to get serious about saving for that “rainy day” when you are in a better place and earning more money? Well, what happens if that “rainy day” arrives unexpectedly and you’re caught without a savings umbrella?

In this episode, Stephanie Groschup, co-founder and managing partner of women-owned firm, GM Wealth Group debunks common myths and mistakes we make when it comes to our personal finances. She also shares the success habits and mindset necessary for building wealth, not just living on your income.

“Consider yourself important and pay yourself first before you pay anything else.”

Stephanie Groschup