Leading with Authenticity and Enthusiasm with Theresa Ludvigson, SVP of People at Qualified

Episode 212

Theresa Ludvigson

SVP of People at Qualified

Do you have trouble knowing when to say no or being authentic in your everyday life at work? Many of us spend a significant amount of time devoted to our jobs, and if we aren’t honest about ourselves and our situations, we add stress to our already full lives. A rewarding work-life involves authenticity, tapping into our passions, and finding the right support. 

Theresa Ludvigson is the Senior Vice President of People at Qualified, the #1 pipeline generation platform for Salesforce, where Theresa previously held multiple management positions. A natural people person, Theresa, is keenly aware of what makes a great manager and loves helping and coaching others. In this episode, she enthusiastically shares stories from her past experiences. She discusses the challenges of learning new skills when switching jobs and the importance of staying true to who you are. You’ll love her honesty, optimism, and electrifying energy.

“Leading with transparency and authenticity is key.”

Theresa Ludvigson