Latina GRIT on Wall Street with Bank of America’s Patricia Pacheco De Baez

Episode #237

Patricia Pacheco De Baez

Managing Director at Bank of America

Bank of America’s Patricia Pacheco De Baez has grit. She learned it from her fierce Latina mother, who taught her to work hard and strive for excellence – something Patricia has carried with her throughout her career journey. Patricia started as a temp in the financial industry, always grateful for every opportunity she was given – whether big or small. All she needed was a “foot in the door.” Once there, she began to stand out and advocate for herself early in her career. At the age of 25, she did her research, gathered up the courage to ask for pay equity, and got it. It’s easy to see how she’s moved up the career ladder. Patricia currently holds the title of Managing Director for NYC Private Bank, Market Leader & Diverse Segment Champion at Bank of America.

Listen as Patricia walks us through her professional journey and how she learned not to give up on her dream. She’s a big proponent of mentors and sponsors and practices being open and honest with them, so they get the most out of their time together. Patricia is a risk taker and isn’t afraid to make big moves, and she shares with us why she thinks working hard and striving for excellence are the keys to success.

“If you don’t advocate for yourself, who will?”

Patricia Pacheco De Baez