Keep Learning And Advancing With Eileen Schloss

Episode 138

Eileen Schloss

Public & Private Board Director | Alteryx, Advent & CCC

Continuous learning is the most valuable currency for career success. Careers no longer follow a simple path from learning to earning to retirement. Lifelong learning is an indispensable skill for every individual and organization.

Meet Eileen Schloss, a multidimensional, strategic and transformational human capital expert, who reveals exactly what it takes to get to the C-suite and why continuous learning is the key to success. Eileen recommends managing your life to make sure that you're constantly learning and adapting to change.

In this episode, Eileen shares the pivotal moments in her career and how learning and preparation helped her achieve extraordinary success. She provides guidance on positioning for your dream opportunity and how believing in herself and speaking up in her interview with Steve Jobs landed her an executive role at Apple. Eileen also demystifies succession planning and executive compensation; and provides step-by-step guidance on getting board positions.

Eileen has worked with CEOs and Boards as a global Chief Human Resources Officer and senior HR leader for companies ranging from major global brands to Pre-IPO businesses needing to scale. She is a Public & Private Board Member, Senior Advisor & Human Capital Expert at Alteryx, Advent and CCC.

“Great leaders are authentic and aren’t afraid to speak up and say what's on their minds.”

Eileen Schloss