Is Your Passion Aligned with Your Work?

Episode #205

Nikki Barua & Monica Marquez

What are you passionate about and enjoy doing? Is it aligned to your work?

At first glance, the question, "What are you passionate about and enjoy doing?", presents itself as an innocent question. But, as you begin to answer that question, it can become more difficult to connect the dots between those passions and skill sets you love, to the actual work you do on a day-to-day basis. 

How do you gain this clarity and get more aligned in your career? Where do you even begin?

In this episode, Monica shares how to define your passions, discover what you love to learn about, and how to align your passions with your profession.

“You have to gift yourself the time for introspection so that you can go in the direction that you're wanting to go and accelerate your success.”

Monica Marquez