Innovating Philanthropy with HIP President & CEO, Ana Marie Argilagos

Episode 129

Ana Marie Argilagos

President & CEO | Hispanics in Philanthropy

True philanthropy requires a disruptive mindset, innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial drive to create opportunities.

Ana Marie Argilagos embodies these competencies in spades. Ana Marie is the President and CEO of Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP), a transnational network of foundations and philanthropists that make impactful investments in the Latino community in the U.S. and across Latin America. She is guiding HIP with a bold vision: to usher in a new generation of philanthropy that is for, by, and about the Latino community. Ana Marie has paved the way for a new era to democratize philanthropy.

She is an entrepreneurial thinker bridging diverse agendas with a track record of working within the philanthropic, public, and nonprofit sectors. From the Ford Foundation, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Unidos US, the Annie E. Casey Foundation to HIP, she has led with her thoughtful curiosity to bridge diverse agendas.

In this episode, Ana Marie shares her career journey and the importance of being open to opportunity and how her openness and willingness to veer away from a roadmap, led her to the exciting and fulfilling work of philanthropy.

“To disrupt, to reimagine, and rebuild, we need to build a system that listens to those with a lived experience.”

Ana Marie Argilagos