Humanizing Work Cultures with Just Human, Not Resources’ Shahana Banerjee

Episode 180

Shahana Banerjee

Founder, Just Human | Not Resources

In the past year, we’ve seen some truly alarming statistics when it comes to the workforce. A study by Gallup & ADP Research revealed that only 14% to 20% of employees are fully engaged. Another by Microsoft stated that 41% of the workforce are considering quitting their job. There is no doubt that the future of work needs to be focused more on the employee.

Meet Shahana Banerjee, Founder of Just Human | Not Resources (JHNR), whose mission is humanizing work, culture & leadership. Shahana shares her story of starting JHNR because although many companies talk about people being their greatest asset, they rarely act like it. She believes in seeing people as people, as complete human beings, not as ‘resources’ or ‘assets’. 

Prior to founding JHNR, Shahana spent more than two decades in human resources leadership roles in some of the worlds’ largest companies, growing multibillion dollar businesses, transforming cultures and coaching leaders. 

In this episode, Shahana shares why she chose human resources as a career path, how to tell if you are actively managing your personal brand, and advice to CEOs who might be hesitant to embrace change and the new world of work.

“Life is too short to not be the best you can be. If you are in a relationship or in a work environment that is not helping you be the best you can be, it's time to think about doing something different.”-

Shahana Banerjee