How Your Authenticity Fuels Innovation with Google’s Annie Jean-Baptiste

Episode 69

Annie Jean-Baptiste

Head of Product Inclusion | Google

How many times have you purchased a product, only to realize that the whoever created it, didn’t build it with you in mind? How many times have you laughed out loud when seeing a clothing tag that says, “One size fits all”…when it’s clearly obvious it would barely fit a child, needless to say, a grown adult!

Well, in this episode, Annie Jean-Baptiste, Google’s Head of Product Inclusion, shares how she helps teams make sure Google products are made for everyone. She spends her days making sure everyone matters. But, the most important message she shares is how YOUR voice, your unique experiences and what makes you different from others, is the secret to success. Stepping into your power, even if it doesn’t look like the kind of cookie cutter example of what leadership looks like, is what will bring success and helps others expand their frame of reference. That authenticity fosters diversity…which fuels innovation.

“If you can find something that you’re passionate about, something that gives you purpose, and you can get paid for it, that is the trifecta.”

Annie Jean-Baptiste