How To Tell Your Story with Lisa Gates

Episode 122

Lisa Gates

Leadership & Career Story Coach | Your Story Happens Here

Imagine you’re at an event or in an elevator, and you get introduced to a VIP that you’re honored to meet. Then they ask that dreaded question: Tell me about yourself.  

The typical default is to respond with your name, title, employer and work focus, right? Imagine you no longer have that job or title. How would you tell your story?

When we’re asked to introduce ourselves, we often miss the opportunity to share our story in a powerful way that makes us stand out and highlights our unique value proposition. Instead, we respond to that question with our work history that explains our WHAT but not our WHY.

In this episode, you’ll meet Lisa Gates, a leadership and career story coach, and founder of Story Happens Here, a practice focused on helping women master their brand stories, control their narratives, and rise up. 

Lisa is committed to helping women be seen, heard, promoted—and rewarded—as the agents of change the workplace and the world is dying to see. Lisa stresses the importance of being able to morph your story for any situation that you are in. And how your story isn’t a one-time thing but rather a living breathing story that can always change.

Lisa has also authored several online courses available at LinkedIn Learning, including Asking for a Raise, Negotiation Foundations, Conflict Resolution Foundations, Coaching and Developing Employees, and Coaching for Results.

“Confidence comes from repetition, practice, and advocating for yourself and others.”

Lisa Gates