How To Move Forward With Confidence

Episode #6

Nikki Barua + Monica Marquez

Are you an ambitious woman who wants to dominate your career? In this episode, Nikki Barua and Monica Marquez help you develop the skillset, mindset and toolset to accelerate your success by discussing courage. They share the difference in fear and faith and the five essential elements to being courageous.

Along with sharing 5 essential elements to being courageous, Nikki shares her favorite habit or hack in tackling limiting beliefs and fear and becoming courageous. She shares that this hack has built a belief system where the past doesn’t matter but it’s about who you’re becoming. She encourages listeners that once you take action and get results, your confidence builds.

In conclusion, Nikki and Monica challenge you to take one habit or hack and apply it to your personal life. In addition, they’d love for you to share it with them on Instagram. They look forward to hearing from you!

“Courage is not the absence of fear but being able to move forward despite your fears.”