How To Get A Job At Top Companies with TikTok’s Gisselle Ruiz

Episode 85

Gisselle Ruiz

Global Talent Acquisition | TikTok

Do you know what it takes to land a job at the biggest and best organizations in the world? Do you have the skills, the competencies and drive, but you find the whole job search and interview process intimidating and difficult to catch a break? 

In this episode, we welcome Gisselle Ruiz, a key leader within the Global Talent Acquisition Teams at ByteDance and TikTok, who shares with us her journey as a proud first generation bilingual Afro-Latina with a deep connection to her Dominican roots and how taking risks and changing lanes helped her build her career as an expert recruiter, what her successes and failures have taught her and how she empowers all of her recruits by telling them, “They are lucky to have you!”. 

Gisselle has led talent acquisition and DEI initiatives at top companies and organizations including The Broad Center for the Management of School Systems, NBC Universal, The Walt Disney Company, Creative Artists Agency, Google, Facebook, and most recently TikTok. She is incredibly committed to the empowerment and elevation of those from disenfranchised, marginalized, underserved, and underrepresented communities, especially Latinx and Black/Brown women.

“Companies are not doing you a favor by giving you an interview or a role, they are lucky to have you.”

Gisselle Ruiz