How To Be A Fearlessly Authentic Leader with Danessa Knaupp

Episode 24

Danessa Knaupp

Leadership Expert & Best Selling Author

Have you ever stepped into a role and questioned if you were the best person for the job? Do you carry the shame of failure and imperfection with you everywhere you go?

Meet Danessa Knaupp, executive coach, thought leader and bestselling author, who shares how to embrace your struggles and gain true confidence in your journey.

Danessa has coached hundreds of executives across every major industry and has developed a reputation as a candid, compassionate and courageous leadership partner. She is the author of Naked at Work: A Leader’s Guide to Fearless Authenticity and regularly addresses C-suite audiences on how to harness the power of real authenticity to drive measurable business results.

In this episode, Danessa shares how you can be the strong, inspirational leader you imagine by leading authentically. She makes the case for owning your unique story and using, that real, imperfect experience to drive your personal and team performance. Danessa also provides her perspective on leadership principles for the digital age, and how to accelerate success.

“Leaders who focus and lead with authenticity have much more effective teams.”

Danessa Knaupp