How To Be a Decisive and Thoughtful Leader with Biopharma’s Dr. Annalisa Jenkins

Episode 210

Dr. Annalisa Jenkins

Founder & CEO, Annalisa Jenkins LLC

A good leader sets the tone for an organization. Without good leadership, employees won’t know the right direction to take or what they can improve upon. While men and women may generally have different needs and motivations, the qualities that make a good leader are the same for both. What is also important and needed for all leaders to succeed is to continuously seek out next level mentors with fresh perspective so they don’t get caught up in their own echo chamber and get left behind.

Dr. Annalisa Jenkins, M.B.B.S., F.R.C.P. is a biopharma thought leader and a board member for several growing companies. She shares with us her experiences, from the British military to the boardroom, and what it’s been like to work in this age of life science innovation and digital advances. Coming from a generation where male mentors were common, Dr. Jenkins speaks about working as a woman in her industry and how she’s learned to be a “tough but fair” leader under their direction. Her broad array of experiences in health sciences shows us how to bring vision to our workplace as leaders.

“Great leadership comes from those who are willing to lean in and take decisions.”

Dr. Annalisa Jenkins