Gain Clarity On Your Purpose And Career Path

Episode #1

Nikki Barua + Monica Marquez

What does it mean to have clarity?

Clarity is discovering your purpose and finding your path. Clarity is the key to success and a source of courage and confidence.

The five essential elements of clarity are:

1. Clarity on what you are passionate about and enjoy doing.

What inspires and elevates you? When you can sustain momentum, that’s how you become successful in your career. Gain clarity on your passion by discovering what that special something is that makes you want to jump out of your bed. It should be something you would do even if you weren’t getting paid for it. Identify your top ten heroes and think about what makes them heroic.

2. Clarity on your unique skills, strengths, and competencies.

There is usually one thing that we can be the best at. Identify the one thing that you enjoy and are highly skilled at. This can be the result of experience. Ask your colleagues for feedback in order to identify your most valued skill. Another thing you can do is look at your past successes.

3. Clarity on which of those competencies are highly valued in the market.

The market is constantly shifting. A skill that is in demand today may not be in demand tomorrow. Have a pulse on where your industry is headed – you have to know where the demand is shifting.

4. Clarity on what you want to be known for in the world.

Identify the niche you want to dominate that is aligned with your passions and purpose. What do you want to build your reputation and personal brand around? Define a specific market segment that you want to focus on.

5. Clarity on how to accelerate what I want to be known for.

Keep taking on new challenges and experiences. Determine how to get the most leverage and evaluate the best options to achieve your goals. Are you taking the right route to get where you need to go.

“You have to be great at what you’re doing today while learning how to be great at what you’ll have to do tomorrow.”

Nikki Barua