Following Your Curiosity with Shifra Ansonoff, Global Head of Research at Preqin

Episode 214

Shifra Ansonoff

Global Head of Research at Preqin

Strong leadership is rooted in intellectual curiosity about how things work and what drives people. But how do you build relationships and find your voice when you are an introvert?  

Our guest, Shifra Ansonoff, a brilliant leader and an introvert, reveals what helped her reach the top of her industry and build a powerful professional network. Shifra believes the key is caring about people and helping them achieve their goals, rather than focusing on what you can get from them. When you follow your curiosity, you will find your way to success whether it’s with relationships or results. 

Shifra followed her passions even as a young mom of twins, and with the help of her supportive husband, has become a global leader in her industry. She loves helping people find their voices and seeing where curiosity takes her. 

Today, Shifra is the Global Head of Research at Preqin, carrying the remit of obtaining valuable data and insights on alternative assets contributing to the industry’s most comprehensive private capital and hedge fund data sets. Previously, Shifra was with Qontigo, BlackRock Solutions and Bloomberg. 

In addition to being a top executive, Shifra has been an active mentor at Rutgers Business School, for which she received a Mentorship Excellence Award in 2018 and was shortlisted by Waters Technology’s Women in Technology and Data Awards for Risk Professional of the Year. She is a proud life-long nonconformist who has a lot of stories to tell us about how to build great relationships and lead a team.

“I believe mentorship sponsorship should be a two-way street, and when it isn’t or it becomes transactional, it’s no longer fun.”

Shifra Ansonoff