Finding Your Way To Career Success with Monica Marquez

Episode 03

Monica Marquez

Digital Innovator, Serial Entrepreneuer, Author & Speaker


In this episode, senior corporate leader and diversity expert, Monica Marquez joins the show. Throughout her career, Monica has pioneered industry-leading programs to help the disadvantaged gain breakthrough access to opportunities.

Monica decided that anytime an opportunity presented itself, she would take it, even if she struggled with self-doubt and fear. That led her to transitioning from academia to corporate and eventually to her entrepreneurial journey. You must focus on learning and growing and not let fear hold you back from taking on new opportunities.

Gender challenges are global. The biggest challenge we see for women is a lack of representation at the senior levels. There is a drop-off in mid-career where women do not get to a certain level of promotion. Some women choose to take a career break, which will take them on a more scenic route to the top.

There is a lack of support systems in the junior level. Women tend not to raise their hand and take more glamorous roles in an organization. They shy away from a more visible role. However, visibility will help women catapult in their careers.

Stay tuned to hear Monica reveal the top three things that helped her succeed, the future of work, and the importance of community.

“If an opportunity presents itself, take it, then figure out what are the resources, what are the things that you need to do.”

Monica Marquez