Embracing Your Uniqueness With Google’s Annie Jean-Baptiste

Episode 157

Annie Jean-Baptiste

Head of Product Inclusion, Google

What does leadership look like? Is there a blueprint for leadership that you should be following? Our guest believes that leadership is NOT one size fits all. So, stop trying to fit into a mold that doesn’t suit you.

Meet Annie Jean-Baptiste, author, founder of the Equity Army, and the Head of Product Inclusion at Google, who shares her journey to discovering what true leadership looks like and how finding her authentic leadership style led to building trust with key stakeholders and the communities that she supports.

In this episode, Annie also shares how she helps teams make sure Google products are made for everyone. She spends her days making sure everyone matters. But the most important message she shares is how YOUR voice, your unique experiences and what makes you different from others, is the secret to success.

Annie leads Product Inclusion strategy across Google, including consultation, communications, scale and research and created the movement 3 years ago as a way to ensure underrepresented users felt seen throughout the product design process. 

“The more that you try to fit into a mold that wasn't made for you, the more energy you have to expend.”

Annie Jean-Baptiste