Embrace What Makes You Different With Merary Simeon

Episode 60

Merary Simeon

Vice President, Diversity & Engagement

Have you ever struggled with being the “only one” and remaining silent when you had a different opinion from the status quo because you believed it would limit your career?

In this episode, Merary Simeon shares how she confronted her fears and limiting belief and that standing up for her values could negatively impact her career. But when she chose to do it anyway and speak up boldly, embracing her uniqueness, she discovered that it actually accelerated her success.

Merary is a wife, mother, co-founder of Color Forward podcast, board member, ministry volunteer, and proven Human Resources Executive with more than 20 years of experience working for various Fortune 100 companies in North America and Latin America. Her leadership expertise includes diversity & inclusion, talent management, leadership consulting, culture change, executive coaching, and public speaking.

“The key to overcoming limiting beliefs is to acknowledge the fear that comes with it, but don’t let it be the driver of your ride.”

Merary Simeon