Elevating Your Visibility with Facebook’s Suezette Yasmin Robotham

Episode 99

Suezette Yasmin Robotham

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion | Leader In Tech - Facebook

Visibility matters. How can we expect to change the world if we’re invisible? That’s what we will discuss in this episode featuring Suezette Yasmin Robotham, who is a passionate advocate for visibility and authenticity as a catalyst for change.

Suezette is a DEI practitioner, speaker, connector, coach, and a leading “Black Woman in Tech”. She currently leads Diversity Programs on the Global Product & Software Engineering Recruiting team at Facebook. Suezette has more than a decade of leadership experience, with expertise in talent acquisition, diversity & inclusion initiatives, leadership development, strategic planning and relationship building across various industry sectors. Suezette also founded a platform created to amplify the voices of Black Women in Tech and beyond, called #BlackTechBeauty in 2020. 

“Owning who you are authentically can help you overcome imposter syndrome and increase your confidence.”

Suezette Yasmin Robotham