Elevating Next-Generation Latinos: Economic Growth Drivers

Episode 232

Nikki Barua & Monica Marquez

At this year’s L'Attitude 2022 conference, Latino Donor Collaborative revealed their latest report showing that U.S. Latinos are a key driving force in our nation's economic recovery. Despite being the largest minority in the U.S. and making significant contributions to the growth of our economy, Latinos are still among the most underrepresented in leadership positions.

Esther Aguilera, CEO of Latino Corporate Directors Association, recently told AL DÍA News Media, "Business leaders—both non-Latino and Latino—play a critical role in driving an accurate story of the Latino community and its huge impact on the American economy. We need business leaders everywhere to lean in, learn more, and speak up about the dynamism and success of the Latino community. Otherwise, these misconceptions and contradictory views of our community will continue to slow progress for everyone."

In this episode, Monica Marquez shares insights from LDC's 2022 U.S. Latinos GDP Report™, recent community successes, and how the next-generation Latino cohort can help drive our country's economic growth.

"From a business perspective and whatever your industry, if you aren't paying attention to the US Latino cohort, you will get left behind."

Monica Marquez