Dreaming Big And Wishing Out Loud with Lisa Ong

Episode 26

Lisa Ong

President & Founder | Wishing Out Loud LLC

Do you secretly wish for things but don’t how to get them? Meet our guest, Lisa Ong, who shares the power of dreaming big and wishing out loud.

Lisa Ong is widely known as a “talent gardener” and “inclusion connector”. Lisa is an executive coach, diversity strategist, and President & Founder of Wishing Out Loud LLC. Lisa was formerly Diversity and Inclusion leader at PwC where she focused on minority retention and advancement, as well as growing inclusive leaders at all levels.

In this episode, Lisa talks about how to discover your strengths, build your community of mentors and peers, and create opportunities to not only shine but, also to thrive in your career.

“Knowing my top five strengths helped me determine whether I see myself in this current role in the future”

Lisa Ong