Discovering Your Path with Newberry Executive Solutions’ Neena Newberry

EPisode 194

Neena Newberry

President, Newberry Executive Solutions

Work. Is it something you dread or something you love to do? It’s an important question to ask yourself because it’s what we spend the majority of our adult lives doing. We all want careers that are personally fulfilling and financially secure, but sometimes those two things don’t align and that’s when you might need to make a change to avoid unnecessary dissatisfaction and dread.

Our guest, Neena Newberry, President of Newberry Executives Solutions, had a successful career as a Deloitte Consulting executive, but felt drawn to pursue her purpose and do something on her own. Neena took some time to reflect on where she’d been and where she wanted to go, which led her to creating her own company, Newberry Executive Solutions, where she focuses on developing strong leaders through executive coaching, leadership training, apps and tools.

Neena Newberry is an award-winning executive coach, speaker, and author. A former Deloitte Consulting executive with over 25 years of business and leadership development experience, Neena helps clients get results they couldn’t before – for their companies and their careers. Over 75% of her clients get promoted. 

In this episode, Neena shares how to gain clarity on your career path, tips on making decisions with confidence when faced with uncertainty, and how to codify your unique value proposition and promote your value without bragging.

“Small steps lead to big results.”

Neena Newberry