Debunking the Work-Life Balance Myth with Laura Pollock, Founding Partner, Third Street Partners

Episode 224

Laura Pollock

Founding Partner, Third Street Partners


Most of us know the stress of multiple commitments: family, work, relationships/marriage, domestic responsibilities, aging parents, special needs care, and the list goes on. Some or all of these factors can have a compounding effect on women in the workplace resulting in burnout.

Today’s guest, Laura Pollock, shares her work-life journey and how approaching 50 opened her eyes. As a Founding Partner of Third Street Partners, a lot of her children's youngest years coincided with growing her company. She shares stories with us of what she has learned along the way about mom guilt and raising three girls to be strong women. But most importantly, how having a great life partner (in Laura's case, her husband) helped her manage it all.  

Laura believes in the power of having tough conversations and speaking up for yourself. She started her company with the mission of adding value to clients and continues with that motivation today. She can relate to the sacrifice many people have to make to further their careers. Finally, learn from Laura about her experiences working with her own mentors and the importance of nurturing your relationships.

“You should always stand up for yourself, no matter how uncomfortable.”

Laura Pollock