Cultivating The Next Generation Of Leaders With Salesforce’s Stephanie Kinser

Episode 141

Stephanie Kinser

EVP, Enterprise Solutions at SalesForce

Change and advancement rarely happen on their own. Connection and community are what really move the needle. Leaders who understand this principle have the power to create positive ripple effects throughout their communities and organizations.

Meet Stephanie Kinser, EVP, Enterprise Solutions at Salesforce, who is known for her leadership approach which puts culture and people at the center of a sustainable growth strategy. She is a champion for equality creating a world-class sense of belonging for all.

Stephanie connects her passion for STEM and developing future talent at Salesforce by serving as executive sponsor of the Women in Solutions Excellence (WISE) organization. This diverse and vibrant organization is giving back to schools and creating a path for future Solution Engineers in the workforce.

In this episode, Stephanie shares how growing up in a military family that moved around frequently taught her how to adapt to change, and exposed her to the power of relationships, opportunities, and diversity. Stephanie encourages women to pursue their vision and overcome obstacles in their path. She shares insights on having the confidence to ask for what you deserve, and strategies for overcoming doubts. Stephanie also challenges us to question if our fears are real or imaginary, and if we are limiting ourselves or if we are in a limited situation.

“Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is powerful and leads to growth.”

Stephanie Kinser