Connecting with Ourselves And Others With Irene Abbou

Episode 61

Irene Abbou

Personal Empowerment Coach For Women

Do you have clarity about who you are outside of your profession? Do you know your core values, what you stand for, and what lights you up? When you are really driven, you can get caught up in a never ending cycle of achievement and lose sight of what truly matters –your connection with your own self, and your connection with others.

In this episode, our guest, certified life coach and relationship expert, Irene Abbou shares why meaningful connections are key to a fulfilling life.

Irene is the creator of the Happiness Within Reach program which coaches ambitious women to open their hearts to self-love while forming deep and meaningful relationships with others. Irene has helped hundreds of women get reacquainted with their personal and professional desires and supports them to take action despite their fears.


“It only takes 40 seconds of human interaction to change the day of both people.”

Irene Abbou