Charting your Course in the New World of Work with Ginny Clarke

Episode 155

Ginny Clarke

CEO, Ginny Clarke LLC

Are you ready for a career change but have no idea what else you could do or where to start? Or perhaps you're between jobs or just starting out in your career, but you find the whole job search and interview experience to be overwhelming and stressful.

Meet Ginny Clarke, CEO of Ginny Clarke, LLC and author of Career Mapping: Charting your Course in the New World of Work, who shares with us her journey as a black female, professional and single mom, navigating through work life and managing her own career to becoming an expert executive recruiter. 

In this episode, Ginny shares tips on gaining clarity on your strengths and how to communicate with recruiters to level up in your career. Ginny also shares advice on raising your hand for stretch opportunities, asking for help, and why the ability to communicate effectively is so important.

“I’ve watched so many people get locked into one thing and what they don’t understand is they are a free agent and can own this process.” -

Ginny Clarke